The summer of 2019 has been filled with excitement and fun with family and friends, traveling, kids camps, and days at the beach. But as fun as the summer is... at times it throws off our ability to be consistent.

You may have heard the saying, "If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent you will keep it"

For me this saying describes my wife and her efforts in everything she does from staying fit to taking care of our family day in and day out. It emulates her efforts in getting back in shape after giving birth to each one of our three children, after what was two and now is three knee surgeries in the same knee and getting stronger. She is driven and persistent in her efforts to getting better, to becoming a better version of herself. But its because of her consistency day in and day out that allows her to stay fit. I don't know anyone as persistent and consistent as she is every day. She has a process, a system, a mindset like no other.

I am blessed to have a wife who sets such an amazing example for myself and our children.

Like most, I fell off a little this summer. I was persistent at getting better from my knee injury. I was determined to achieve a goal of 100% full range of motion so that I could apply the appropriate intensities on my body that would allow me to recover faster than expected. I set expectations that would allow me to achieve my goal of being recovered. Yes there has been some hiccups along the way but I was driven to get there. And then, I fell off the consistency train. As I became more mobile, stronger, busier with work, travel and kids activities, my consistency dropped. My recovery plateaued.



Who is jumping back on the train with me?

Its time to get back on track to being consistent in our daily habits, our workouts, our nutrition habits, and being focused on achieving the fitness goals we set.

  • Consistency is what allows us to succeed.

  • Consistency is what allows us to achieve the impossible.

  • Consistency allows us to become a better version of our selves.

  • Consistency builds habits and momentum

  • Consistency eliminates excuses

Consistency is that one little thing that you do each day to improve even 1%. That little bit extra every day is what allows you to achieve big things. But you must COMMIT! Commit to doing one thing that will take you one step closer to achieving the goals you have set. Make a commitment to doing one thing and make no excuses. If you are tired... NO just one thing so that allows you to create a habit of consistency. That one small thing done each and every day will add up and compound into something bigger. Until one day you no longer recognize that person in the mirror because you are stronger, leaner, and more focused than you have ever been.

What do you need from us at GSFP to help you become more consistent with your workouts, your nutrition habits, your efforts in improving your quality of life?

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"Make Yourself Stronger Than Your Excuses"

God Bless,

Dave Bolduc, Owner