Through my years in the fitness industry, I have noticed there is one main ingredient that keeps people from reaching their fitness goals. That's consistency, and not only throughout the summer but in general. Most people tend to be impatient when it comes to exercise, expecting miracles to happen over night. The body requires time and effort in your pursuit to a better version of yourself. You need to give your exercise program enough time to change you. Neurologically, it takes most individuals 6-8 weeks to see noticeable changes in their body through consistent workouts. But it's not just about the workouts, consistency in your nutritional habits play a role as well.

As with anything we pursuit in life, whether it is to have success in work or business, or strive to achieve our dreams of a better life, without consistency day in and day out for months and months we will not get to where we want to go. The same goes for your exercise programs. You can have the best coach on the planet, and the best nutrition plan to follow, but if you do not stick with it consistently, you will wind up spinning your wheels and driving yourself nuts as this can be very frustrating for someone who is trying hit a certain goal. 

No matter how good your current training program may be or how perfect a nutrition program you have planned to follow, none of it matters if you are not consistent in your training and nutrition habits. Consistency truly is the key to lifelong fitness and health. Even a not so great training program will outperform a good training program as long as someone remains consistent to the not so great training program.  This is because the longer you are consistent with your training the better you will become mentally and physically.  As with anything in life the longer you train the more experience you obtain, and experience is the greatest teacher which results in knowledge and wisdom.

The 3 Keys To Consistency

I feel there are three main components in any exercise program to build lean muscle and lose unwanted body fat that must be consistent. Those are resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, and proper nutrition. All of which are equally important in your pursuit achieving your health and fitness goals.

Think of them as a team, which requires everyone to do their job or a machine whose parts must work synergistically. When teammates work together or machine's parts work together, they accomplish more than they could alone, which in most cases results in a success win or a completed task.  Same goes with our three components listed above.  If one is not executed consistently, the other two will suffer and so will your progress. Don't get me wrong; to assume we can be perfect, 100% of the time, will just be setting ourselves up for failure. Our goal should be to follow our programs the best we can day in and day out most of the time. The longer the time you stick with something the better you will become at it. Let's go over some ways we can remain more consistent with our exercise programs.

Resistance Training

Based on your individual goals, you should perform some type of resistance training with weights anywhere from 3-6 times per week. The importance of resistance training is that it will help increase your lean, tone, muscle mass, thus giving you a better shape to your body and increasing your resting metabolism. Think of muscle as a 24-hour furnace, in order to improve our metabolism, we must be sure to maintain or even increase our lean muscle so that we can enjoy some of the finer pleasures in life without guilt.

To help keep you more dedicated; I would find a good workout partner with common goals or increase your training session at GSFP either with or without a coach.  Classes are an added benefit of GSFP family members and you are always welcome to bring a friend.  This way you are held accountable for your goals and training sessions. I am more likely to go to the gym if I know there is someone waiting for me that I am accountable for. Also having a training partner or coach will keep you more focused and motivated during your workouts and will keep you from getting bored of the same old routine.

Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular activity is necessary to keep the metabolism roaring and help you burn some extra calories that will lead to fat loss. The main reason I choose to do a good amount of cardio is that it allows me to eat more food and still make the fat loss results I am looking for. Some people who rely on diet alone to lose fat usually find themselves losing weight but also a lot of muscle. Keeping a little bit more food in the diet, but using cardio to burn more calories will end up in retention of lean muscle while losing the fat.

I would recommend doing your cardio first thing in the morning, 30 minutes plus, before breakfast. This way it is out of the way, and it will really boost your energy for a good portion of the day to follow. It is a little tough in the beginning, but after a week, you will feel so good doing it, you will be locked into a routine.

If there is no way you can do it first thing in the morning, I would do it right after you train with weights or at night after your last meal. Bring a headset with your favorite music, podcast, or audiobook to help the time go faster.


This is by far the most inconsistent of the Big 3 that 95% of the clients I have had issues with over the years. Some honestly go by the motto "I Work for the Weekend", and are good for 2-3 days, then blow it for 2 days, etc.

It is a vicious cycle that will lead to frustration. The goal is not to do an all out sprint and crash at the end.  Go with the 80/20 or 90/10 rule based on how committed you are to achieving your goals or improving your quality of life. Eat good 80-90% of the time and 20-10% of the time you can have a cheat "MEAL" (Not day, lol).  Otherwise, if you have never followed a solid plan you will crash.  I would rather you follow a balanced nutrition program 80% of the time that will keep you sane and happy than one that tests your patients, limits, and causes you to fail. 

It's never a bad thing to enjoy an ice cream once in a while.  Just not an entire carton or every night. 

If you slip up and indulge in one or two of your meals, your life is not over, you did not fail your program, and the day is not ruined, just start back on your nutrition program on your next meal following.

Convenience is a big factor that affects the consistency of eating the right foods. I recommend you get in the habit of preparing your own meals ahead of time. I try and do it on the weekend or mid week.  This will eliminate the excuses of stopping off at a fast food place because you have nothing to eat. It will also eliminate the excuse for skipping a much-needed meal.  The weather is great in California and we can grill year round.  There are 1000's of healthy grilling recipes out there that will allow you to enjoy your food and not get bored eating the same thing over and over again.  If you need some recipes or help with your nutrition programs we have the knowledge and tools at GSFP to help you.  Just ask your coach or me:)  Most of our clients do not take advantage of the nutrition programs we offer because they are afraid that we will learn the deepest darkest secrets, lol. Do not be afraid, no one will judge you, we are here to help you. 

It is recommended that most people should eat 5-6 small meals a day to boost their metabolism. And it takes a minimum of2 weeks of a consistent eating regime to start boosting your metabolism so that you see noticeable changes to your body.  Without proper nutrition or eating habits, you can actually slow your metabolism down and lose that lean muscle you are working so hard to build.  Some people think that if they stop eating they will lose fat, but your body will actually do the opposite of what you want in order to survive and maintain a state of homeostasis or balance.  It will break down your muscle for easy energy and store fat to survive if you are not eating enough.   Supplement companies today make it very easy to hit all of your meals and caloric requirements. 

We specifically work with AdvoCare products at GSFP because they are of the best quality and safe. AdvoCare is considered one of the industries most trusted supplement companies.   Highly regarded and recognized in their areas of expertise, members of the AdvoCare Scientific & Medical Advisory Board use their knowledge and experience in the fields of medicine, nutrition, and science to ensure that all AdvoCare products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients based on the latest scientific research.   Some members include:

  • Stanley Dudrick, M.D., F.A.C.S.: Pioneered research and development of intravenous hyperalimentation (Total Parenteral Nutrition)
  • William Kraemer, Ph.D., FACSM, FNSCA, FISSN, FACN: National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Past president,
  • Karl Keen PhD: Distinguished Professor of Nutrition & Internal Medicine University of California, Davis
  • Gail Cresci Ph.D., R.D., L.D: Associate Staff Gastroenterology/Hepatology, Cleveland Clinic, Former Associate Professor of Surgery, Medical College of Georgia, Member of AdvoCare Scientific & Medical Advisory Board since 2014 

AdvoCare has formed a strategic alliance with Informed-Choice to certify the products that carry the Informed-Choice logo are banned substance free. AdvoCare values its relationships with the athletic community as well. With testing on the rise for performance-enhancing substances, both at the amateur and professional levels, this alliance allows athletes to make informed choices about what they put into their bodies. Informed-Choice has specialized anti-doping experience. Their WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) experienced laboratory adheres to standards for sports supplements and has analyzed more samples for banned substances than any other lab in the world. The AdvoCare program exceeds industry requirements.
If you are interested in purchasing Advocare supplements that are guaranteed to help you achieve your nutritional goals go to .  There you can purchase a protein powders, a meal replacement packets, protein shakes in a can already mixed, and protein bars. Again this helps eliminate any excuse for not getting the proper nutrition your body needs.

I would rather you eat whole foods but these supplements will make it much more convenient during those least convenient times. 


Like anything worth doing right, a consistent routine will take some time to develop. After a couple of weeks, it will be part of your everyday routine. Once you hit that level it is smooth sailing, almost "auto-pilot." Sure, in the beginning, it will be rough to prepare all your meals, do all your cardio, and hit every training session.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel and we are always here to help. 

We are always here to help you "Make Yourself Stronger Than Your Excuses"

PS.  On a side note, I will be doing 100 workouts in 100 days.  This is something I want to do to help improve my consistency! 

If anyone wants in let's get after it.  I will give you details!! #NoExcuses #WorkOutsInMinutes #MYSTYE