You are probably reading this because you, like me, are looking for a gym to help you make changes in your life. You are ready to make changes but are not really sure to start. You may also be a member at a gym but are not getting the results you were hoping for nor the attention that was promised to you. If you are looking for a gym that listens to your needs, helps you establish and reach goals, helps to improve your overall physical fitness, and makes you feel like you are part of a family then look no further because Golden State Fitness & Performance (GSFP) is the place for you!

I am in my mid forties and was in "decent" physical shape(or so I thought) when I went to Yelp in hopes of finding a new gym last year. I had been a member at a big chain gym before. It was one of  the gyms that have a bunch of machines and folks reading books or watching television on the treadmill. I would roam from machine to machine trying to look like I knew what I was doing.  My attendance lasted about four months when I never saw the results I was hoping for. I have also been a member at a gym that offered group workouts  with a variety of exercises which were great. I saw results but the classes were very large for one instructor to give proper attention to form and technique for every client. I did not feel like I was getting the attention that came with my membership.I was in need of change and read the reviews of GSFP and had to find out for myself if everything that was being written was true so I made an appointment for a consultation.

Dave Bolduc and his staff are top notch fitness professionals that pay attention to you and help you achieve your goals. The entire staff knows how the body works and can tell when something is "off" or not working. They make sure that your form and technique are correct at all times. Whether it be a  private/semi-private coaching session,  group workout, or  a solo workout there is someone watching you to mke sure your form is correct and you are not going to hurt yourself. Dave listens to your goals and works with his trainers to establish a workout program that helps you achieve them. I never feel like I am "lost" when I am at GSFP.

The group workouts are great because folks ,from every fitness level, can work together and benefit form the same workout. The class sizes are manageable making it easier for the trainer to supervise the class making sure that everyone gets the attention they deserve. Most of the members are professionals with busy lives and challenging schedules who make the time to put in the work to take care of themselves. Note- The six am group classes are the most fun that I have ever had while getting my butt kicked.

I found that the other Yelp reviews were all true. I think you owe it to yourself to come in and check it out for yourself.  If you are ready to make changes, do the work, and feel like a million bucks then do yourself a favor and give Dave a call today. My life has changed for the better since I joined GSFP and am pretty sure that yours can too....if YOU want it to!